JanuszCoin or Polish Dogecoin on steroids – comparison of meme cryptocurrencies


If you’ve been interested in cryptocurrencies for a long time, you must know the old good dogecoin. If not, then in a word of introduction, it is a cryptocurrency with a popular “doge” – the hero of internet memes. Its main network was launched on December 6, 2013, more as a joke than a serious project. On January 7, 2018, at peak, its capitalization, (the value of all coins in circulation at market price) rose to nearly $ 2 billion . Since then, after market has calmed down, it mainly fluctuates around $ 200-400 million. Dogecoin has been in the group of the top cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization for years.

Where does the dogecoin phenomenon come from?

The key to the project’s success is, of course, the broad user community. The catchy, fun and memorable name, combined with the doge logo, was the main factor in building such a community. You can also cite here the example of the cryptocurrency lisk, the familiar term “lisek” of which certainly helped to become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in Poland. Cryptocurrencies as a new class of assets are governed by slightly different rules than traditional markets. Even something that is a joke can have real value, especially on the Internet where people often look for entertainment. The Internet is the natural environment for the existence of cryptocurrencies, and they themselves are a way to monetize its resources. The number of memes on the Internet is growing exponentially, each of us has to deal with them, we see them every day. Dogecoin has paved the way, JanuszCoin wants to go further.

What distinguishes Janusz from Doge?

The first thing that comes to mind is that doge is recognizable all over the world and Janusz is recognizable only in Poland. In fact, entering the phrase “doge memes” in google trends, we can see that they are searched in many countries, although being most popular in the USA and Australia, in other countries their popularity is significantly lower.

If we combine the popularity of the phrases “doge memes” and “janusz memes”, we will find out that the fact that Janusz is known only in Poland does not prevent him from reaching a similar level of Google queries as doge around the world.

Of course, a google query is not an ideal measure of the popularity of memes, most people no longer look for them in this way, but join meme sites, groups on Facebook or other social media and browse memes there. It’s hard to compare the exact popularity of both characters on FB. The biggest doge page on the site is simply “doge” with the result of 729 thousand. fans another is “Depressed Doge” 157 thousand. and “Bangla Doge posting” just over 120 thousand followers. On the other hand, the most popular site about Janusz’s meme lovers are “Nosacze Polskości” and their 274,000. fans, further “Nosacz Janusz” (90 thousand.) and “januszboss” obtaining 76 thousand likes. Both characters have dozens of smaller fanpages, doge looks to be winning again, but the advantage is slight. If we take into account the groups on FB, Janusz with his thematic “tattoo or construction Januszów” and many others gains an advantage here.

Summarizing the range of popularity of memes, it must be admitted that Janusz is not inferior to dogs to a large extent, if at all. Paradoxically, the concentration of fans in Poland may turn out to be an advantage, because thanks to the close proximity, the possibility of transacting with other JanuszCoin owners increases. However, this is not the last word of our proboscis monkey …

To gain more popularity, Dogecoin organized several charity collections or funded an advertisement at the American nascar races. However, it was all based on user donations, and while it was going into tens of thousands of dollars, that’s not much given the billions in capitalization of the project. At JanuszCoin, we have a special budget for such projects, which consists of 1/3 of the newly generated coins. It is the budget that will constitute this monthly dose of steroids for the development of the project. Thanks to it, it will be possible not only to “tip” the creators of memes, but also to reward them for their work through regular contests. So that every Janusz Meme is also an advertisement for JanuszCoin.

Of course, JanuszCoin is not limited to the Polish user only. From the very beginning of the promotion, including Airdrop, all promotional material, social media channels and advertising campaigns will also be conducted in English. We realize that outside Poland, it will be more difficult to convince users who do not understand Polish humor and do not know Janusz. However, we hope that the success of the project in Poland will be recognized globally in the crypto community and will arouse the interest of local investors.

If there was a doggie, maybe a kitty too?

An example of a locally recognized project that subsequently gained popularity around the world is monacoin. Mona is the hero of Japanese memes, or just a cat character drawn with characters on the keyboard. Initially, the coin was popular mainly in Japan, but it managed to gain a wider audience. On the wave of popularity of crypto three years ago, it exceeded a billion dollars in capitalization and was long in the top 100 of the top cryptocurrencies.

Both mona and doge have been on the market for quite a few years, and there will be many who will say that it is too late to launch a new cryptocurrency. In fact, the current crypto market situation is completely different. There are many more and various projects that make it harder to break through. However, JanuszCoin has his own unique use cases, his target group, and as long as the memory of Janusz’s memes is not lost, the network will work and Janusz will flow from hand to hand 🙂

27 January 2021

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